Welcome -- this is a preliminary version of my new textbook in macroeconomics. Take a tour!

Comprehensive coverage -- all of the essential topics

plus extensive discussion of recent events.

To see all topics, check out the table of contents.

For more a more detailed description, see the book's prospectus.

Chapters 1-16 are available online for your inspection.

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This book is uniquely

designed to get students

more involved

in their learning of applied


More than other books, this one puts students "into

the driver's seat"--  including with spreadsheet

based models and tools.

At the heart of the book is a New Keynesian style short-run macro model--implemented in a spreadsheet.

More than ever before, students can visualize the model's

implications and results. Professors can easily adapt the

model to discuss topics of current importance.

To help you teach:

videos for students.

Supplement your lectures and help your students understand!

Excel-based exercises

Students can understand how models are used to obtain quantitative results --

while they let the spreadsheet do the calculations.